I‘ve lead projects for tech giants like Netflix to small startups moving at break-neck speed. Whether it‘s React, Vue, Ember, RoR, Elixir or a custom framework, I have worked across the stack.

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Threadable began as a branding contract. The new startup us to create a design prototype, but after hearing what they were trying to build, I created a simple React Native app to prove out the concept: A social e-reader. They were so wowed, they continued to work with us for 3 more years as we built the native app, backend, conducted user interviews and more.

We grew the platform from an idea to an app with more than 6,000 users. When React Native wasn't enough, I wrote features in Objective-C and built our e-reader in Swift, diving into the internals of React Native. We built a scalable backend in Ruby on Rails that serves as the API for the native app, web app, and internal admin tool.

I don't know if I can even put into words the impact Scott had on me and my career. He taught me so much about problem solving, collaboration, mentorship, and how being a kind, patient, supportive engineer is just as (if not more) important than being a smart one!

- Caitlin Wang, Senior Fullstack engineer

My role was not only to be the main contributor, but also mentor and onboard other engineers to the project. I did this through pairing, comprehensive yet compassionate code reviews, stretch goals, and being open to new ways of doing things.

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